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The Correspondence Department was founded on the basis of the Evening Department in 1988, which made it possible to carry out the professional training of specialists without interruption from the main work and place of residence.

The first four years the students were carried out in the specialty "Metal cutting". The first issue was held in 1991, with 46 junior technicians-technologists trained. In 1992, for the first time, 15 students were admitted to the specialty "Computer systems and networks maintenance ".

In 2000 the students entered college in the following specialties: "Maintenance of program-controlled machine tools and robotic systems " and " Production Management". The first issue of specialists in these specialties took place in 2003, accordingly18 and 22 junior specialists were trained.
In 2011 , a new specialty “Motor vehicles and engines maintenance and repairing” was licensed, 18 students were admitted.

At present, 176 students study in the Correspondence Department in four specialties:

  • 5.03060101 Management
  • 5.05010201 Computer Engineering
  • 5.05050202 Maintenance of program-controlled machine tools and robotic systems
  • 5.07010602 Motor vehicles and engines maintenance and repairing

In general since the establishment of the correspondence department more than a thousand specialists working in different spheres of production, state institutions and private enterprises have been trained.

The achievement of a high level of professional skills is ensured by active cooperation with enterprises and practice bases that are well known outside our region:

  • ВАТ «Укрелектроапарат»
  • АК «Адвіс»
  • ВАТ «Пригмапрес»
  • ВАТ «Термопластавтомат»
  • ДП «Новатор»
  • ВАТ «Темп»

Correspondence department was managed by:

  • Zayats Volodymyr Mykolayovych - 1988 - 1993, 2003 - 2010;
  • Chumakova Svitlana Mykhailivna - 1994 - 2003;
  • Gromyk Olena Mykolaivna - 2010 - 2011;
  • Danylyuk Anatoliy Mykolayovych - since 2011.


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