Three blocks of cources

  1. Front end.

Become a specialist in web development and design, whose tasks include designing user interfaces for sites or applications. The work of a web design specialist includes both original design and technical solutions in the design of web interfaces that provide the convenience of using a web resource. Front-end A professional Front-end developer must constantly put himself in the position of a remote user and create pages with an intuitive interface. Specialists in this area should know perfectly HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, understand the term "crossbrowser“, “usability" and always apply it in practice. Creating websites is an exciting, profitable and interesting business.

  1. Basics of Java programming language.

Javais an object-oriented programming language, which takes one of the first places in the ranking of the most popular programming languages.

Scope of Java is the following picture:

  • Creating desktops and applets. This product is custom-made.
  • Creating Mobile Apps. A separate world of programming in the Java universe.
  • Different server applications that are mostly network-oriented.

The Java language is good because the same written code will work on different operating systems, whereas in other programming languages one should write 1, and at once 3 different codes - under Windows, under Linux and under MacOs. Develop Android apps.

  1. Develop Android apps.

Everything is getting more and more popular with the Android platform. Based on this operating system, the overwhelming majority of mobile devices - both tablets and smartphones. It is not surprising, because Android is distinguished by openness in the development and publication of applications, as well as a huge variety of devices in the wide range of prices.

A basic course for studying Android application development. The course discusses the basic elements of the program, the codes of various programs, which will demonstrate how to work with these or other components and resources.

The course is designed for people who wants to create their own applications for this platform. During the course you will learn not only to create programs for Android, but also to take advantage of this OS.

The focus on the practical use of knowledge will allow you to start creating apps of various topics right after completing the training.

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