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Хмельницький політехнічний фаховий коледж holds holds a set for preparatory courses for graduates of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, vocational schools.

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Students are trained in the following disciplines:

  • українська мова та література – 30 год.;
  • математика – 60 год.


Duration of training - 2 months.


At the Preparatory Courses you have the opportunity to:

  • get the knowledge that will help you become a student of the Khmelnitskyi Polytechnic College;
  • increase the grade for math at school;
  • successfully pass state final mathematical certification;
  • get acquainted with departments and specialities, in order to determine the choice of profession;
  • meet with faculty and students, find new friends.



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За детальною інформацією звертатись в профорієнтаційний відділ за тел:

+38 (097) 800-72-20

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