A brief overview

Subordinate to The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Accredited to the 1st level

Founded in August 1965

Provided college status in February 1991

Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College is a higher educational institution of the first level of accreditation (created on the basis of the former Khmelnytskyi electromechanical technical school), qualifying specialists for practical work execution in the field of production in the direction of a junior specialist qualified level specialities . Our college is one of the largest not only in the regional center, but also in the city of Khmelnytskyi among higher education institutions of the I-II levels of accreditation.

The college numbers about1,200 students, of which more than 900 are in full-time studying. On purpose of qualified specialists training a material base with modern equipment has been created. There are two educational buildings with 47 offices and laboratories. The college library stock, comprising more than 100 thousand copies of educational literature, 9 computer laboratories with the Internet connection are assisting students in obtaining of education in the terms of modern claims. Three educational workshops provide all types of practicing,the productive area for useful goods manufacturing on the basis of agreement with enterprises and organizations of the city has been developed.

The structure of the college includes the following departments:

- "Mechanical Engineering ";

- "Computer systems and networks";

- "Software developement";

- "Economics and Management";

- "Part-time course department".

There is a pedagogical and methodological council together with eight subject commissions.

Educational process is conducted by experienced teachers, among them there are 33 teachers of the highest category, 12 teachers have got the title "Excellent Achiever of the Education of Ukraine", 23 employees have the title "Senior Teacher", three teachers are methodists, 5 teachers are achieving postgraduate qualifications.

For more than 40 years our educational institution has trained about 10 thousand boys and girls, and almost all of them have found their place in life. They work by their achieved professions, occupy high leading positions. In particular, M.I.Prystupa became a mayor of the city of Khmelnytsky, V.E. Vikarchuk – a chairman of Krasyliv district state administration, S.O. Vasylyshyn and V.F. Katsemir have become Doctors of Technical Sciences, M.E. Tchaikovskyi – a Rector of the Khmelnytsky Institute of Social Technologies, V.M. Kolischak is the head of the "Native City" public organization.

More than 20 of our graduates, having received higher education, turned back and work in college as teachers and holding leading positions from the deputy director to the master of fieldwork.

On the basis of college, in 2003 the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" Institute of Distance Learning Educational and Methodical Center, which allows the youth to complete the higher education was opened.

March 23, 2015 by the order №339 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine KPC is attached to the National University "Lviv Polytechnic".

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